In August 2008, Cenergis and the Biotech Vision Care group understandably decided to join forces to offer customers the best of their skills and expertise in terms of product innovation, pricing flexibility, attentive listening and project development.

Cenergis, a specialist distributor of hyaluronic-acid-based medical devices, has built up considerable experience in communications strategies and acquired excellent market know-how on the ground. A dynamic and committed company, Cenergis prime objectives are to deliver patient satisfaction and fulfil the aims of its clients, prescribers and the various business partners with whom the company works so closely.

For its part, Bio Tech, a highly skilled designer of biotechnology products (, is led by a visionary management team and has a staff of over 350 employees working in a top-grade technological setting. It designs and develops complex and refined products, and is already fulfilling the needs of several customers worldwide.

Together, our two companies are delighted that, for six years now, we have been sharing our know-how and expertise, and we would like to take this opportunity to express to those who know us our gratitude for the trust and confidence demonstrated in us.

With our best regards